30 October 2013

Current wishlist!

Hello m'lovelies!

A post has been due for ages! Sorry there hasn't been anything! I've had a busy few weeks but I'm back into the swing of things, blog post ideas are accumulating so I shall be posting more! *yay* If you have any suggestions please leave them below.

Today's post is a wishlist. These products are things that I've been staring at and wishing they were sitting right here with me.

Soap & Glory- The Breakfast Scrub
This body scrub is one of the nicest I've ever used! It smells like those pecan pastries... but that's just me. I've ran out and so I really want to repurchase this! It exfoliates nicely and it isn't harsh!

Illamasqua- Nail Varnish in Perseid
The nail polish is the best polish I think I have ever seen! Look at it! It's like a galaxy! This nail polish satisfies my geeky science and space passion. Oh it looks so good! Maybe a Christmas present? Ha ha, jokes... it's too early to be thinking about that!

Lush- The Comforter Bubble Bar
A nice soothing bath is always needed when the stresses of life overwhelm you... also known as sixth form. I've had this bubble bar before and it just smells so good! I'm also looking forward to buying some things from the Lush Christmas goodies!

Lady Gaga- Fame Perfume
I was in Boots and I was sniffing loads of perfumes... I came across this and it's actually really nice! I think I will have to wait till Christmas though... ha ha!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
What do you think of these products?
What products are you wishing for?
Have a great day!
Laura xo