9 August 2012

Review Time : Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple 035

When I found out that Revlon were bringing out lip butters I was really excited because I've wanted a nice quality one with a tint of colour for quite a while. I looked at reviews and went to the shop to buy one, I looked at the bright pinks but then when I saw the red colour, I knew I just had to have it. I took a look at the price and I was tempted to but it back down, it's really expensive for what it is. If it was a lipstick I would've payed the price but for a lip butter at £7.99, I just thought is was a little much. Anyway, I took the plunge and bought, I got a few point on my Boots Advantage Card so I could spend that on something else.

After getting it home I fell in love with it. The packaging, the feel and the colour. I was happy I got it in the end even if it was on the pricey side. The colour is so great and the pigmentation is surprisingly good for a lip butter while still being hydrating and moisturising leaving your lips as soft as a baby's bottom!
On the picture above you can see the product in different angles and the whole fancy look of the lip butter. On the top left of the picture you can see the product swatched, On the top swatch it was swatched a few times to build up the colour and the one below is swatched just once still leaving a great colour.

Overall... I love this product!
What are your thoughts? Comment below :D


  1. Ahh such a lovely colour, I'm always tempted by this shade whenever I walk past a revlon stand! Xo

  2. What a great colour and tbf Laura it suits you! Might have to invest in one of these! much love to ya! xxxx