15 April 2014


Finally a Tiger Store has opened up near to where I live! *yay*
I always used to see videos on YouTube of people going to Tiger and getting all these cool and quirky things and I knew that one day I really needed to go there. Now I've gone I thought I would share what I bought. I've got to be honest... I wanted to but the whole store but that wasn't something my purse was going to be happy with as I still haven't found some seeds for a money tree (I'm working on it). 

This cute little box was my favourite purchase. It's a bamboo box that's just too cool for school... Not that a bamboo box would need to go to school. This little cutie is quite delicate and it's not something I will be throwing all around the place... It shall be handled with care. This gem was £1... I did not think it would be so cheap. I think this would be nice to store cotton pads/balls or my most used jewellery or something like that. It will definitely have a place on my side locker or dressing table.

This little bow caught my eye. They had some really nice hair accessories and jewellery if I'm going to be honest... I've see on there website they even do make up! Anyway... Back to the bow. It's really well made. A nice material and the size is perfect. It's really quite nice! The bow was £3 which is pretty average for a hair bow... but it's really good quality for the price. 

This next purchase is a bit boring but hey ho... I don't care. I bought these for me and my Mom as we both wear glasses. I always have finger prints on mine because I put them on and off in an awkward way. I thought these would be great to just throw a few in my bag or pencil case for when my glasses get a bit dirty. These were £2 which is pretty good as you can clean your glasses 30 times.

These next few bit and bobs are all quite random but here we go.
 The peanut/sesame bar is for me and my Dad because we love them and I thought a mixed version seemed quite cool. It was £1 which is alright. 

I got some wrapping paper as I lot of birthdays coming up. I really like the prints they had available... they were unusual but really nice looking! This roll contained 4metres and was priced at £1 which is pretty good if I do say so myself! 

The next purchase is a lovely clam shaped mint green mirror which is really cool, they had them in a variety of colours. It has a magnifying mirror on one side a normal mirror on the other side. It was £1 which again is a nice bargain. 

I got a lolly pop because it looked cool... Don't judge... It was 25p. 

I thought I'd get some cute tape for my wrapping paper. Yes, they probably clash but the tape has sheep on it and every so often theres a black sheep which is cool. The tape was 50p... Now that is a good price.

I've come to the conclusion that this shop is a cool and quirky shop... The cheapness of a pound shop but better quality and more prestige. 

There's some cute things in there that would be great for presents, organisation,  decoration, lots of things... It's a very random shop but I will be defiantly going there again! Here is the website right here. I believe that you cannot purchase from the site, but you can browse the things that may be in shops and you can check out if there is a shop near you! 

Have you guys ever been to Tiger? 
If so what did you buy!?

Type to you soon,
Laura xo


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