18 July 2013


Hi m'lovlies! Hope you're all well.

I have recently been getting into painting my nails, I've also started to practice different patterns and ways to paint my nails.
Today I though I'd post my first NOTD (nails of the day) for you guys because I think it's quite fun to do these kinda posts!

As you can see the list of the nail polishes I used are above in order from left to right in the picture.
Anyway, I took a picture of my left hand because my right hand wasn't as good, so from that statement, yes, I am right handed!
I used a bottle lid as a mixing palette and used an artist brush I got in a mahooosive pack from Wilkinson (http://www.wilko.com/paints-and-painting/wilko-25-artist-brushes/invt/0300146). This design took me ages and it's really tedious but well worth it! You could do this with so many colours and it's fun if you have loads of time on your hands!

I hope you enjoyed this mini post. Tell me what you think and if you have any questions or comments leave them below.
See you soon!
Laura xoxo


  1. Lots of fun; I agree, dots are tedious to do, but cute and feminine as a flirty dress.