3 July 2013

Recent Purchases!

Yesterday I went to Birmingham to have a small shopping adventure! I had a Selfridges Gift Card so I kind of knew what I wanted to buy.
Anyway, I won't ramble on! Let's get started!

MAC Pro Palette (Single/Large) and Insert
I went to MAC and I also ordered some things online from Illamasqua. Firstly I defiantly knew I wanted to purchase the new MAC Palette, it's just wonderful! My old MAC palette broke, I wasn't really happy with it so I wanted to buy the new one and buy a few more eye shadows because I really like the pigmentation and overall quality of them.
Firstly I'll talk about my new palette! I purchased the Large/Single Pro Palette (http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/product/1556/22060/Products/Kit-Essentials/Pro-Palette/Pro-Palette-Large-Single/index.tmpl) and the insert (http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/product/1556/22062/Products/Kit-Essentials/Pro-Palette/Pro-Palette-Eye-Shadow-x15/index.tmpl). I think the palette is just great! It's really sleek looking. The see through window helps you to see what's inside. The insert is really nice and clips in easily but it is a little bit wobbly. I have fitted it in properly but then again I suppose it's easy to get out so it doesn't bother me that much. Overall I love the palette and I'm really glad I bought it!

MAC Eye Shadows

These are the four eye shadows I bought, (from left to right) Star Violet, Humid, Crystal and Trax. I really love them and I'm really happy with them.

MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow in Star Violet

The first eye shadow to talk about is Star Violet. This HAS to be one of the nicest eye shadows I've ever come across. It's so shimmery and beautiful. MAC descries this colour as a pinky-plum brown, I agree, it's almost quite copper like. I really love this colour, you can do so much with it! You can use it for a subtle wash of colour or really pack it on for a nice smokey eye with a little brown blended in the outer corner into the crease.

MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow in Humid

I have to yet use this colour but I can't wait. This colour really complements brown eyes. It' a forest green with a slight shimmer to it. It can be used in so many ways. I can't wait to try it!

MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow in Crystal

This colour is really versatile, it has a hint of purple undertones, it can be used in the inner corner or all over the lid. It goes well with any eye shadow, especially the other three I bought. It has a lovely shimmer that shows a rainbow of colours!

MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow in Trax

Trax is a purple with gold shimmer. MAC describes the colour as burgundy-plum with shimmer. I really love this colour! It would go with any eye colour and can be used in loads of ways, I can't wait to use it!
Illamaqua Nail Polishes in Kink and Bacterium

Kink is a forest green colour. The application seems go on smoothly, baring in mind I've only tried it on one nail. It's not very shiny but it gives a satin kind of finish. I like it! 

Bacterium is just a wonderful colour! It is a two tone copper to silver colour. It looks amazing in the bottle and just as good on the nails. You can use it on its own or you can layer it over another colour.

Illamaqua Eye Shadow in Imagine
This eye shadow is a lovely periwinkle blue colour (as said on Illamasqua's website). It is so soft when swatched and surprisingly very VERY pigmented! It also smells really nice. I can't wait to try this colour, I'm thinking of a blue smoky eye or using it wet as an eyeliner!
 Illamaqua Lip Gloss in Succubus

I would describe this lip gloss as a liquid lipstick, it's so pigmented and soft. It can be a bit messy to apply and a little sticky but once it settles it feels lovely! The red colour is perfect! No orange undertones, just perfect.
Illamaqua Medium Pencil in Vow
This eye pencil is so soft and is easily applied! It is great in the water line as a natural looking eye brightener. It can also be used as a concealer, if you have fair skin it's the perfect colour!
I am so pleased with my purchases! I can't wait to try them all. I'd love it if you told me what you think of these products and how you like to use them!
See you later!


  1. Ahhhh what an amazing haul! All the pieces you bought are gorgeous, bet you are so excited to try them!

    Lovely blog xxx

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. Thanks! I am quite excited, I've already tried a few of my MAC eye shadows.
      Thank you xxx

  2. great post, looks like you will have lots of fun trying out all the products :)

    Leyla xx

    1. Thanks! I'll probably post again about them :)

  3. You got some gorgeous things, lucky you! I particularly love those mac eye shadows! great colour choices :) x

    Sinead | http://sineaddreamingagain.blogspot.ie/

    1. Thanks! Yeah I did, my friends gave me a voucher for my birthday. Thank you :D x

  4. All this makeup looks great! I'd love to try them xx

  5. Thank you so much for the follow.
    Follow you back on bloglovin and gfc,too.
    Do you also follow me on gfc?
    Lovely greets

    1. It's fine! You have a great blog :) Yes I do x

  6. Wow. Trax looks fantastic! Almost like Sephora's Red Red Wine- but packed with shimmer. I'll be adding that to my wish list.


    1. It's great! Oh cool, I've only been to Sephora once (I live in the UK). You should! It's a great colour :D

  7. You're so brave rocking such bright colors on your eyelids! I tend to stick to neutrals but would love to try out some greens and purples!


    1. Well, it all depends on your eye colour. If you don't like wearing colours you can create the look into a smokey eye by adding just a touch of colour to the lids and then blending a few neutral colours with it. If you want to try greens and like MAC try something like Club, that's brown with a green shimmer, it's not too out there either! It's just a bit of subtle colour.
      I hope that helps :D
      Laura x

  8. I love Illamasqua nail polish! Great haul!
    Nature With Nurture

    1. I didn't realise how good they were!x

    2. I love your blog! I think I may have to follow you! x

  9. Nice post :)

    I'm going to purchase a mac pallet & eyeshadows when I get round to it, but more neutral colours to start off with.

    1. Thanks! It's a great investment! Well worth it! Good idea :D
      Good luck with picking your colours! xo